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Few words from a couple of our Insureds

Testimonials: Testimonials

First of all cost was less, than other options.
Policy provided better coverage and more policy options available. Easy personal assistance from agent so far. It was recommended by a friend and I am very thankful.

Norberto Rodriguez

Liz provided us with outstanding service and saved us money on our car and home insurance.  She gave us options and explained each one in detail which enabled us to choose the plan that best suited our needs.  Liz has such a pleasant attitude and is a joy to work with.

Angela Kemp

I never thought I would get excited about giving a testimony for an insurance agent! I had never paid too much attention to my insurance policies, figuring it really didn’t make much difference. How wrong I was. Liz saved me hundreds of dollars when I switched by business coverage. You also presented changes in a manner I could understand. When I put my other insurance needs in your hands, you figured out ways to save me money and at the same time extend my coverage. But I think the best part of dealing with Liz, is that I trust you. I am always hearing stories from your clients with the same message – Liz has integrity.

Quincy Roberts

My experience with Liz Insurance was great. They took the time to go over my policy with me and let me know where I was lacking and where the last agency had coverage that I did not really need. I recommend Liz Insurance to anyone looking for an insurance agency that will look out for your best interest.

Bashir Naviwala

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